Writing Contest

Congratulations to the winners of our 2015 Writing Competition!

And a sincere thank you for a job well done to our judges Terry Fallis, Matthew J. Trafford, Janet Turpin Myers (Short Story) and Natalee Caple, Jeffery Donaldson, Bernadette Rule (Poetry)

Short Story Winners

1st Place: Autopilot by Jen Jones

2nd Place: Centurion by Olivia Vanderwal

3rd Place: The Yellow Rubber Boots by Norah Wakula


  • Apple by Jennifer Arnold
  • Nothing’s Bad Luck, Is It? by Chris Bailey
  • So Long, Bernie by Matthew Bin
  • A Cheaper Cut by Malgorzata Nowaczyk
  • Sand by Brittany Smith
  • North Star by Iris Wilde
  • Keys by Nicola Winstanley

Poetry Winners

1st Place: Intihuatana by David Haskins

2nd Place: The Willow et al. by Sharon Berg

3rd Place: The Morse Code of Broken Taillights by Chris Bailey


  • The Beauty of Broken Things by Charity Becker
  • The Walls of Diyarbekir by Keith Garebian
  • Grimm Lives by Ellen S. Jaffe
  • The Sweet Canada Suite by Tom Reynolds
  • Among the Barren Rock et al. by Guilherme Rosales
  • Ir/Reverance by Joshua Sterlin
  • Broken Days Suite by Lynn Tait