Maria Eleusiniotis164145_725889990360_5348993_n

Maria spends her time hanging out with middle schoolers, flirting with the elderly and wondering how it can be possible to love rap music so much and still call herself a feminist. She believes in the power of sharing our stories and has had a lifetime of practice around the dining room table with her big Greek family.

Carly McLeodcarly-headshot-3

Carly McLeod is a body positive activist born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. She shares her unapologetic”fat grrrl” experience through writing and storytelling, served with a hefty dose of humour. Carly is developing a workshop to help others get over the fear of loving themselves.

Steve SiemensFB_IMG_1457971837570

Born and raised in BC, Steve was successfully converted to the religion of Hamilton in 2007 when he arrived for University where he studied Theatre Performance and Visual Art. After graduation, he decided to stay mostly due to his community, Eucharist Church. That decision to stay became solidified when Steve got married and bought a home in Hamilton’s downtown core.

Jen Reeves1935442_10102858873476920_891238122220489461_n

Jen Reeves is a writer who turned to the dark art of marketing. Someone has to pay the bills around here. When not selling her soul to the man, Jen enjoys reading, herding her four year old, and wishing her bio was more interesting.

Carla Klassen

Carla was born in and raised by her Awesome Mom and Loving Yet Aggressive Older Brother in Hamilton. She studied in Toronto, and lived in Victoria and Montreal before coming home to nest. Carla work at the Social Planning and Research Council where she does community planning and evaluation about immigration, LGBTQ+ communities, neighbourhoods, and children. Playing the banjo and singing with other humans, especially her partner, Anna, makes her feel more alive. Carla misses her Cool But Complicated Dad, who died last year. She appreciates being woken up daily by her kid, Charlie, wisely advising her to “Wake up!”


Alyson Lamanes is a freelance writer, thinker, and doer born and raised in Hamilton Ontario. Much to the chagrin of her friends, she often starts sentences with “So I was listening to a podcast..” She enjoys sending letters in the mail, and is a faithful bullet-journaler.