Trevor C. Smith

smith-trevorTrevor C. Smith was born in Trenton Ontario in 1969. At a young age his family moved just north of there to the small town of Campbellford were he spent the rest of his youth. From the time he could first read Trevor had an insatiable appetite for literature, reading and movies. His already active imagination was fueled even further by stories of all kinds. By the time he was 15 years old Trevor decided to take up writing himself. A practice he kept largely a secret and it wasn’t until he was in his twenties that he shared the fact that he wrote with anyone. With his family’s modest background Trevor did not receive any formal education in literature or writing. Instead he educated himself by reading and studying all great works by both classic and modern literary icons. While working in the film industry Trevor picked up writing in script format, which he did as a hobby and as a way to supplement his novelist aspirations. The skeletal story aspect to scripts helped refine his story development. Eventually Trevor found his writer’s voice and began to channel it into his work. The final outcome being his first published novel, Year of the Rooster. Since it’s publication Trevor has been awarded an Ontario Arts Council Grant for Writers Work in progress for his next novel.