Sky Gilbert

Sky Gilbert Photo: Nicola BettsWriter, filmmaker, director and sometimes drag queen, Sky Gilbert is one of Canada’s most controversial artistic forces. He was born in Norwich, Connecticut, in 1952 and since 1965 has lived in Toronto, Ontario. He is a co-founder and was artistic director of Toronto’s Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.

For over 18 years Gilbert has written and directed his own hit plays, including The Dressing Gown, Pasolim/Pelost and Capote at Yaddo. As a director, his list of credits is extensive. In 1987 he directed Anything Goes and Wilde’s Salome for the Shaw Festival. In 1985 he received the Pauline McGibbon award for directing; he also received two prestigious Dora awards for his plays The Whore’s Revenge and Suzi Goo: Private Secretary. His works have been produced in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, Phoenix, Vancouver and Montreal. Gilbert’s fourth film to date, I Am The Camera Dying, was presented at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

He is also a regular columnist for Toronto’s alternative eye Weekly magazine.