Will Ferguson

ferguson-willAn award-winning novelist and travel writer,
Will Ferguson is the author of more than a dozen books
ranging from budget travel guides to works of literary fiction.

As a teenager he lived and worked in Ecuador, South America, as part of CWY (roughly equivalent to the Peace Corps).

He spent five years in Japan, first on the Amakusa Islands south of Nagasaki and then later on the Kyushu mainland.

He has walked across Northern Ireland in the rain, and has hitchhiked the length of Japan, following the springtime “Cherry Blossom Front” that washes across Japan every year.

His travels have taken him from Indonesia to Argentina. And in 2010, he was named the head writer on the Vancouver Olympics Closing Ceremonies, penning material for the likes of William Shatner, Martin Short and Michael J. Fox.

In 2012,he won the Giller Prize for his novel 419.

He lives in Calgary, Canada, in the foothills of the Rockies, with his wife Terumi and their two young sons.