Heather A. Clark

clark-heatherHeather began writing the book as a creative outlet while on maternity leave with her second child. After she and her husband would tuck their kids into bed for the night, Heather would cozy up to her laptop and focus her attention of the journey of Nicky Fowler, the strong and inspirational woman who finds hope in a world fraught with adversity through unfaltering courage and never‐ending determination.

Heather’s second novel, Elephant in the Sky, was released in April 2014 and has already received praise from readers across the country, other bestselling authors and the media. Karine Ewart, editor-in-chief of Chatelaine, calls it “impossible to put down” and says that “you’ll lie awake needing to know if Ashley’s broken family finds their way”. Penny Hicks, the publisher of Maclean’s, says that “Elephant in the Sky is an inspiring book about confronting your fears and the power of love”. And Kate Hilton, bestselling author of The Hole in the Middle, believes that the novel is “a brave and unflinching portrait of childhood mental illness, a meditation on what it means to be a family, and a testament to the healing power of unconditional love.”

Heather currently lives in Oakville, ON with her husband, three children and miniature wiener dog, Duke. When not writing, Heather enjoys reading, travelling, spending time with her family and drinking red wine with her girlfriends.