Elizabeth Obermeyer

Elizabeth Obermeyer

Elizabeth is a fourth-generation Hamiltonian, and her passion for this city, much like her roots, runs deep. She is an avid reader of CanLit, a lifelong Tiger-Cats fan, and longtime supporter of the local music scene, which mostly means she likes to listen to bands in bars. Elizabeth has worked as a library technician in libraries in and around Hamilton for 20+ years, and this is her second year on the gritLIT committee. She also writes the blog The Urban Info Girl, and apologizes in advance for all the swearing.

Photo of Elizabeth DiEmanuele

Elizabeth DiEmanuele

Elizabeth DiEmanuele joined gritLIT’s marketing team in 2016 and is thrilled to be contributing to Hamilton’s vibrant literary community. When she’s not hiding behind her books, you can find her working in marketing and communications at McMaster University. Recent creative publications include Hamilton Arts & Letters and The Paper Street Journal. 




Photo of Elysha Ardelean

Elysha Ardelean

Elysha Ardelean has worked at McMaster University as a Learning Support Librarian since 2014. Outside of work she serves on the gritLIT committee. Elysha is passionate about public libraries, local economy, cycling, textile arts, and community gardening. Her favourite Canadian writer is Miriam Toews whose combined humour and authenticity inspires her to look at daily life through a lens tinted with both grace and beauty.

Photo of William Dorey

William Dorey

William Dorey is a Marketing Committee Member for gritLIT. In his life outside of the literary festival scene, William is a writer and editor, as well as a co-founder of The Paper Street Journal. His short fiction and creative non-fiction has appeared in The PSJ and Hamilton Arts & Letters. When he’s not reading or writing, you can find him buying books, talking about books, working at a bookstore, and rapping along to the Hamilton soundtrack.